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After having seen the Broiler Industry for more than 4 decades, and looking at the data of growth and profits, its evident that 

So many aspects of business are missing from the system,in fact it won't be inappropriate if i admit, that there is  absence of  having any systems for data management,data analytics and real time reporting DASHBOARDS in our Industry,

What are the conditions of running a business :

1.A proper Road map of Business Plan.

2.Making and installation of Infrastructure of All resources, ( Needless to Mention starting from HR)

3.Collecting all concerned, affected and appropriate data.

4.Making a methodical flow chart of operation or SOP for all the operation, which will be re-changed or altered as the need arises.

5.Starting of operation and collecting the real time data and measuring with standards and targets with appropriate analysis.

6. Making a continuous and critical observation of operations and profits.


But what i see generally, a critical homework and analysis is very much absent, from many business houses, and if there is , then implementation is big question mark.

which is real reason for most business house's failure or under performance. Nobody thinks whether they need to change the format or model of their business, from time to time.

Because change is inevitable, because if you don't change, you will be chained & eventually will be changed by other more efficient or viable entity.

Profits are never earned, they are achieved with the applied strategy and analysis of data and their rightful implementation.

Giants always feels they are on right track.

Veterans are sure that they are the founder of industry, hence they cannot be wrong, but i sincerely feel, only profits ( industry standards vs ROI ) determines your success,

or else you are just a time pass.

Then How do you achieve your targets of Profits - A billion Dollar Question :


The next Question what is that and how to do that, hahahahahahah

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